About Rise

We at Rising Tide Capital believe self-sufficient entrepreneurs are the future of work – and the answer to catalyzing a thriving, sustainable economy for all.

That’s why we’re committed to building inclusive communities by providing the right tools, resources and relationships to underserved innovators to unleash their future potential as transformative change agents in critical sectors.

RISE: The Challenge, our three-month intensive annual pitch event, equips entrepreneurs with the business education, financial support and publicity needed to grow their business while addressing community hardships.

We call it Restorative Investing for Social Equity; our entrepreneurs call it “life changing.”

Over the last eight years, RISE has enabled us to underwrite more than 500 scholarships to the Community Business Academy, our core 12-week program that provides business education and training to entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business.

With additional Business Acceleration Services from coaches and our Credit to Capital program, which connects business owners with lenders and investors, Rising Tide Capital has served more than 3,000 entrepreneurs since 2004 across 6 cities in New Jersey in two languages, as well as created a replicable, scalable model for entrepreneurial support hubs nationwide, currently active in 3 states.

That’s why on average our entrepreneurs see a 63% increase in household income in nearly two years, with more than 87% continuing in their business beyond five years.

This year, our goal is to support more than 1,000 entrepreneurs to replace financial insecurity with economic mobility, including job creation and the opportunity for generational wealth.

But, in order to continue this work over the next 15 years, we need to keep working with visionary partners and corporate sponsors to build together restorative, entrepreneurial economies.

So, we’d like to invite you to RISE: The Celebration, held this year on April 30, to celebrate the accomplishments and impact of our entrepreneurs, funders, and community partners across the Rising Tide community.

Together, we RISE to make a difference.

Will You Rise With Us?

“RISE means being a leader. I have a ten year old son and one of the things I always tell him is to rise to expectations. I know there are other entrepreneurs in this competition, and we’re all rising in some aspect and we’re impacting the community in our different sectors.


Amazing Strides 2019 Challenge Champion



A platform to spotlight the many ways in which our entrepreneurs RISE to meet challenges in their communities through their businesses


We’re bringing all of our stakeholders to the table to chart the path for an inclusive, flourishing economy that works for all


Join us in Jersey City to celebrate the power of entrepreneurship, alongside the dynamic community that invests in our impact, both locally and nationally.