We at Rising Tide Capital believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the future — and how we build jobs of the future — rest in the hands and hearts of the million of entrepreneurs and small businesses, across the country.

This is why we RISE: inspired by the EarthRISE moment, we have reimagined The Start Something Challenge into RISE, an acronym for Restorative Investing for Social Equity. It is a call to action to encourage the Rising Tide Community–entrepreneurs, volunteers, funders and community partners–to expand their thoughts and ideas about what transformative change looks like in the communities in which we live, work, serve and invest.

RISE: To Expand Opportunity


A platform to spotlight the many ways in which our entrepreneurs RISE to meet challenges in their communities through their businesses


We’re bringing all of our stakeholders to the table to chart the path for an inclusive, flourishing economy that works for all


Join us in Jersey City to celebrate the power of entrepreneurship, alongside the dynamic community that invests in our impact, both locally and nationally.